sunbox founders vanessa ballesteros elisa gomez

With their eyes set on making the world a healthier place, this duo is on a mission to make the convenience of healthful eating a reality, one Sunbox at a time… 



cEO & founder

Vanessa is a healthy snack-food aficionado and an Emmy Award winning television producer, who's produced shows such as The Amazing RaceSurvivor and Hell's Kitchen.  

Sunbox was an idea originally inspired by Vanessa’s days traveling for work and burning the midnight oil at the office - times when she’d want something quick and healthy to eat but could only find as options faux healthy snacks, like sugar-laden cereal bars and overly-processed snack puffs.

Believing that eating healthy should be easy to do on a busy schedule, Vanessa set out to make healthful eating convenient. So in 2015, she founded Sunbox with her best friend and partner-in-snacking, Elisa Gomez.  



Elisa spent her childhood in a small, rural town in El Salvador. It was a place where fast food was thought to be fruit you picked off a tree, and where the beauty and vibrancy of nature served as your home, office and playground.  

Having come to the United States at an early age, Elisa spent her career in banking and focused on helping local small businesses grow and succeed.  

Trying to juggle a hectic work schedule with a healthy lifestyle, Elisa became nostalgic for the ease of healthful eating she knew as a child.  She realized the need for a convenient way to eat healthy while on the go and brought it up to her best friend, Vanessa. Serendipitously, Vanessa had come to the same realization, and hence Sunbox was born.