“Sunbox has been a great partner in helping our employees make healthy choices at work. We love that they provide a great variety of locally-sourced products and that they’re affordable and delicious.”

Jessica Alba | The Honest Company

“At WVE, we inspire each to be more accountable for our health.  Having Sunbox in-house to promote a healthy lifestyle and help us with our daily choices has completely improved our creative capabilities.”

Wilmer Valderrama | WV Enterprises

“Sunbox has saved us time and changed our work week in the best way possible!  Gone are the days when employees skip a meal because they don’t have time to leave the studio.  We are so grateful for Sunbox’s educational information about each product as well as their fast response time to questions and requests.  Every day, we are happy to find organic, healthy, non-gmo meals and snacks that cater to a variety of dietary restrictions, while maintaining great flavor at a great price.”

Marlina | FoxNext Games


“I’m vegan and allergic to gluten, so it’s not easy to find something good and healthy to eat. But Sunbox has something for everyone. The prices are great, much less than the food trucks or going out to buy something, and the products are absolutely amazing.”

Avery | The Celebrity Apprentice



“For someone who’s had a health scare with diabetes, Sunbox has been a lifesaver.  I love that they have options that accommodate my specific needs to keep my blood sugar levels low and that they have a great variety of really yummy food and drinks.”

Eddie Lin | NexusEdge