At Sunbox, we believe good business and being socially and environmentally conscious go hand in hand. That's why our commitment goes beyond offering the best in quick and healthful eating.



Though our physical footprint may be small, that doesn't stop us from going the extra mile to support sustainability.  In an effort to reduce our environmental impact, Sunbox kiosks are built using recycled wood and run on significantly less energy than conventional vending machines.  



Sunbox believes in supporting local businesses, which is why we source products locally whenever possible.  We partner with businesses that are just as committed to sustainability and that give back to the community through charitable programs and donations.

We also donate to those in need through the help of our local non-profit partners and charities. A charity near and dear to our hearts is the Wendy Walk Foundation, a Los Angeles based non-profit whose mission is to find a cure for sarcoma cancers. Vanessa, our CEO and founder, is an active member of its executive volunteer committee. Having lost her mom to a form of the disease, Vanessa honors her mom's memory through her work with the organization. 



The Wendy Walk Foundation provides hope, strength and courage to those fighting a rare cancer and champions the belief that being active and nourishing your body with wholesome foods is the best way to keep up hope and energy. To learn more about the Wendy Walk Foundation, please visit their website at www.WendyWalk.org.